1 Million Lucky and Lady Million Lucky

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The Million Story…

1 Million and Lady Million, a fantasy of a generation. A look back at a cult success story. 2008. The international financial crisis hits. Paco Rabanne comes to the rescue with a scandalous gold bar, triggering instant global pandemonium. An arresting design conceived by prodigy Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, a designer who overturns the fragrance world with his cult take on a gold ingot. An object that doubles as artwork, as desirable as the fragrance inside.


Speaking about the fragrance, the harmony of 1 Million evokes a musical composition. Intensifying with rose absolute and cinnamon. Coming to balance with a blend of wood, leather, and patchouli. A lustful alchemy of sensuality and strength made for a bad boy gentleman who obeys to no one, living life exactly how he pleases. No explanations, no apologies, just an insatiable thirst for adrenaline.


2010. Boy meets girl. Our audacious hero is joined by his female companion, the seductive Lady Million. Sensual white-floral meets carnal woody warmth in the prism of a shimmering diamond. An addiction to danger, led by a fearless femme fatale. Driven by inherent confidence, nothing stands on her path to indulgence.

2016. Next on board, Million Privé. Two intense oriental fragrances trigger an irresistible heat wave for the senses. Equal parts exclusive and intense. It’s a private affair and only a select few are invited. The stakes are high. Luckily, our players were born ready.

2017. A new era for the cult Million communication. Enter Jordan Barrett and Sophia Ahrens, icons of a new generation. Gilded youth, idolized by legions of doting fans. Living life through the Instagram prism, but living it to the max. The dream machine is theirs; all they have to do is pull the switch. Snap. Phantasmagoria. Euphoria. Endless.


2008-2018. Ten years. 60 million gold ingots produced. A Gold Vault that puts the Federal Reserve to shame. But the Gold Fever doesn’t stop there! To celebrate the 10th Million anniversary, an intoxicating wave of addiction rolls in. 1 Million Lucky and Lady Million Lucky are here to redefine luck as you know it. Bold and unexpected, it empowers you to seize control of your luck – and your destiny. You only have one life, so dare to enjoy it as the LUCKIEST person alive!

Get Luck (Traditional) luck is often left to chance. But what about luck as a feeling? That euphoric high that liberates you from within? That delirious sensation when the world is suddenly your ally? With Million Lucky, you have the Lucky Touch. Your fate is in your hands and you better take advantage. Life is a game. It’s time to be its LUCKY winner!

The Lucky Bottle When you have it all, you want more. When you have gold, you want platinum. With Million Lucky, iconic gold is upgraded by the rarest of metals: platinum. Pure, dense, and extraordinary. An ode to Paco Rabanne, the rebellious metallurgist who embodied the Million fantasy. No vision was too ludicrous, no metal too precious. Fun fact: he once used 9 kilos of gold and 300 carats of diamonds to design a dress for Francoise Hardy, which she could hardly walk in. Casual. Practical. Unforgettable.

The Lucky Perfume

1 Million Lucky An exhilarating rush that grips the senses. Biting you with zesty green plum. Captivating you with masculine woodiness. Jolting your desires with luscious hazelnut. All at the same time. One inhale and the world is yours for the taking. Long live the LUCKY ones!

Lady Million Lucky A rose revolution that collapses your boundaries, making room but for pure sensation. A burst of raspberry rushes in, teasing you with its delectable gourmandize. Voluptuous sandalwood pushes the limits. In euphoric alchemy, an addiction to LUCK is born!


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