10 Travel Packing Rules to Live By

1. When going carry-on, wear the heavy thing as part of your travel outfit

It’s kind of common sense, but wear those boots and jackets you are planning to pack! Just those two things take up so much space.

2. Packing cubes

They help you organize your things so much better, so once you try these, you’ll never be able to pack without them.

3. KonMari

Look up the KonMari method for packing. You can thank us later!</p>

4. Keep your shoes enclosed

Please don’t thrown dirty shoes into your luggage. Either use old cotton purse bags (the ones purses come in when you buy them) or take a couple of shower caps from the hotel bathroom and put your shoes in them.

5. Plan your outfits

There’s always an urge to pack the “just in case” stuff. Don’t! Always set out your outfits when it’s a 10 day trip or less. Try to stick to a color scheme to make it easier and never take something you might wear that you’ve never worn before.

6. Sarongs

Turkish towel, lungi, sarong, whatever you want to bring… bring two! They are amazing for travel. You can cover up on a flight, in a cold airport, cover your shoulders at religious monuments, and use them at the pool and beach.

7. Extra purses

You often want to take an extra purse. If you take a very soft leather bag just flatten it. If you are taking a structured bag, it is best to fill it with things and let it take up space. I usually put in my extra sunglasses, and toiletries that won’t fit in my toiletry bag.

8. Don’t pack soap

All hotels have soap. Save yourself the hassle of packing any soap, unless you’re camping, then that’s a different story!

9. The heavy things go near the wheels

When you pack your bag lying down, you may not keep in mind what will happen when you stand it up on the wheels. Keep the heavy things near the wheels and even angle things to stay upright when it’s rolling, and no upside down.

10. Invest in a luggage scale

Buy a luggage scale. It’s so easy to just slip the hook on your luggage, lift the luggage up, and see exactly the weight rather than stand on a scale and weigh it and subtract your own weight.

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