12 Amazing Things Happening at the Protests in Lebanon


Unification of the Lebanese people

Regardless of religion, socioeconomic background, age, educational background, all Lebanese people have come together for the first time. Chanting together, dancing together, smiling together, the energy is amazing!


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One flag

Millions of Lebanese flags have taken over the city, replacing sectarian flags in most areas. What a refreshing view!

International Support from the Lebanese Abroad

Sister protests in support of the Lebanese people have taken place in over 50 cities around the world! Finland, Australia, Sweden, Norway, France, Armenia, USA, Italy, Spain, and more!


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One flag, One nation 🇱🇧 Tag someone who is living abroad!!

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Interesting discussions and talks

From dialogue circles in Tripoli to university professors giving open talks at the Egg, there’s a lot of intellectual discourse happening across the country. Allowing people to share their opinions and concerns, while also learning from others.


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Enlightenment ✨✨✨ #eggthawra #eggupation #ثورة_وعي

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Schools lessons

Several middle school and high school teachers have been spotted with their boards, giving lessons to their students, from math class to civics class, students are getting an education outside of the classroom.


Public spaces open to the people

Citizens of Lebanon were not allowed to enter several public spots across Beirut prior to the protests, but the Lebanese have finally reclaimed their city!

Recycling and cleanups

Every morning, hundreds of volunteers are taking to the streets to clean up the locations where protests are being held, and the best part is that they are sorting the waste collection and sending them off to the right processing centers in order to be recycled. Waste management has been a big issue that the Lebanese government has not been able to address properly, even before the 2015 crisis, and in just a week, the Lebanese citizens have been able to implement a decent system for recycling and waste collection!

Psychological Help

A couple of psychologists have set up a tent to provide counseling to those who might be feeling anxious from the revolution and where the future might be going. Again, the Lebanese government did not offer its citizens proper mental health care, yet the Lebanese people have come together to help each other out.


Medical Aid

The Lebanese Red Cross has been a major ally of the protests with volunteers on the ground in most protest locations. In parallel, medical aid tents have been set up in some protest locations to help those who need medical attention.


Legal Aid

Some protesters and potential protesters might be scared of potentially landing in legal hot water due to the protests, thus a Legal Aid tent has been set up with, along with an emergency hotline, for legal counsel in case anyone finds themselves arrested on in any legal trouble due to the protests.


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Street vendors are everywhere

When was the last time that you saw street venders in Beirut? As the people have been reclaiming their city, so have the street vendors that have an array of things on offer for protesters, from fresh juice and corn to “Kaak Trablosi” and “Sandwich Djeij 3al fa7em ma3 toum”, there is a lot to select from!


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Day 4- Because I still can’t get over it !

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Charging Stations

Shout out to the awesome charging station by Khoury Home that is powering the revolution!


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