15 Minute at Home HIIT Workout

Making time to exercise is really important not just for your physical health, but also for your mental health, especially considering the current situation of the country. You don’t need a gym membership or any fancy equipment to sneak in a workout in your day, just 15 minutes to yourself!

Try out this effective 15 minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit today!


How does it work?

There are four exercises in this circuit, which you need to complete as many times as possible in fifteen minutes.


What are the exercises?

1. 20 Reverse Lunge Kicks:

Take your right leg back, bend down for a reverse lunge, then as you step up, kick the right leg forward and switch.

2. 15 Walk-out plank + push up:

Stand in the downward dog position and walk out to get to plank pose, stay there for 10 seconds, then time for a push-up, then walk back out and repeat.

3. 15 Split Jumps:

It’s like jumping jacks meet lunges, you jump from one lunge position to the next, alternating the legs.

4. 5 Rolling low planks:

Go down to plank pose, then open up to side plank, then go back to plank pose, and then back to open side plank but switch sides.

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