3 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationships are pretty awesome, especially at the beginning where both parties still have on their rose-colored glasses, but it’s not all fun and games. It’s hard to accept that there might be some deal-breakers that come along with Mr. or Ms. Perfect-for-me, these issues can become more apparent over time, but sometimes they’re sneaky and can be hiding in plain sight. These are some hidden deal-breakers that might cause some tension in your relationship…


  1. Irritating Habits:

You might not have minded that your date would be late a couple of times here and there, but several months in, the annoying habit can start to cause some tension between the two of you.

  1. Different Levels of Desire:

Getting intimate with your partner is very important, but how often should it happen? When the two do not have equal desires, one or both parties are sometimes left frustrated.

  1. Unsolved Issues from Past Relationships:

Old loves and previous relationships sometimes leave emotional scars and baggage behind, and sometimes we find ourselves too scared to share and confess about the past to our new partner. If things were left unresolved in the past and not dealt with in an appropriate manner, they have a tendency to resurface and cause a rift in the new relationship.

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