3 Makeup Looks for a Friday Night Out


The One with the Bold Lips

Pucker up, it’s all about the lips tonight. Sharpen that lip liner and (slightly) overline your lips before filling them in with a lipstick for a more precise and bolder look. As for the eyes, all you need is a light dust of neutral eyeshadow and some swipes of mascara.


The One with the Bold Eyes

Have some fun with bright eyeshadow and your blending brush, whether it’s fuchsia or yellow look, top it up with black eyeliner and lots of mascara! To achieve this look, we recommend the Bright Ultimate Shadow Palette from Nyx!


The Extra One

It’s been a long work week, and it’s finally time to blow off some steam. Time to empty your makeup bag(s) and have fun with all of your beauty products. Eyeshadow, check. Eyeliner, check. Foundation, concealer, contour? Check, check, and check! Don’t forget to apply a generous dose of highlighter to your look before stepping out the door. #Extra


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