4 Must-Have Summer Shoes

When it comes to getting dressed and putting an outfit together, my favorite part is deciding what shoe to wear for the day (or night). They’re the finishing touch that seal the deal for me. While I have pairs of shoes that are a permanent part of my closet, there are some that I consider my “‘seasonal buddies”. The following options are my four favorite for this summer!

1. Slides :

Just as their name suggest, you can just “slide” these on and you’re out the door! I think of slides as “socially acceptable flip flip alternatives”. And when it comes to slides, I believe that brighter is better. Yellow, orange, red, green, or blue, go wild!

2. Mules:

Mules are like “adult” slides (which in turn are adult flip flops) which are a dressier option of a daytime or nighttime look. Add some height and character to your look without the hassle of full-on heels!

3. Metallic Sandals:

Metallic sandals are the “neutral” option that will go with 99% of your summer wardrobe. From casual shorts-and-a-tank-top days to flirty off-the-shoulder-floral-dress days metallic sandals are the way to go. My favorite shade of metallic is rose gold, obviously!

4. White Sneakers:

You can never go wrong with white sneakers, especially when you’ve gotten your tan on and your skin is a lovely golden-bronze color! Pair them with dresses, jeans, or shorts!

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