4 Must-Try Champagne Cocktails

Champagne cocktails have a certain connotation to them; they symbolize opulence, sensuality, elegance and even love. In the spirit of summer’s soon arrival, we decided to share cocktail recipes that will allow your taste buds to travel to a land of lux aromas. These are our 4 must-try champagne cocktails!

Bikini Frappé (single serving)

6 cl vodka
3 cl peach brandy
6 cl peach juice
6 cl fresh orange juice
1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
12.5 cl crushed ice
Lemon slice and cherry to garnish

Add the vodka, brandy, juices and crushed ice into a blender and mix for a couple of seconds.
Pour the mixture into your cup and add the champagne on top.
Decorate with lemon slices and a cherry. 

Royal Mojito (single serving)

6 cl gin
1.5 cl Punt e Mes
1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
1.5 cane syrup
1 splash of vermouth
Champagne sec
Lemon or lime slice and mint to garnish

Add the gin, syrup, Punt e Mes and vermouth into a shaker and shake it.
Add the mixture to a tall class and add the champagne on top.
Garnish with the lemon/lime wedge and mint leafs. 

Champagne Punch (12 to 14 people)

2 75cl bottles of fresh champagne
35 cl spiced rum
35 cl cognac
50 cl pineapple juice
25 cl fresh lemon juice
25 cl cherry juice (or mixed berry juice)

Pour the rum, cognac, and juices into your bowl.
Mix well and refrigerate to cool.
Add the champagne before serving.

Sorrento Sling (1 serving)

6cl Limoncello
3 cl of gin
3 cl fresh lemon juice
Lemon wedge

In your shaker, add ice, limoncello, gin, and lemon juice, and shake.
Pour the mixture into a tall glass and add the champagne.
Use the lemon wedge to garnish your drink.

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