4 Summer Makeup Trends We’re Loving

Colorful Eyeliner:

Blues, green, purples, and even reds and yellows are all here to have some fun this summer season. Achieve this trend by using a liquid eyeliner, or grab an angled brush and mimic the look of eyeliner with some eye shadow!


The Sun-kissed looked:

Although we love chilling by the seaside and getting our tan on, we’re firm believers in sun protection and SPF, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve the “sun-kissed” look without makeup! The trick is skipping foundation, opting for concealers on any “problem” areas, and then mixing your brush in blush and bronzer before applying it to the areas of the face where the sun would natural fit the face.


Pink hues:

Pink is all the rage this season, and not just for lipsticks and blushes, we’re also talking about eye shadows! Although it might seem intimidating, there’s a whole array of shades for you to pick from. We’re currently obsessed with light pinks with hints of glitter that can easily be applied on the lid!


Eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows:

Whether you have naturally thin or thick eyebrows, the trend of the season dictates that they should be well groomed. This means, grabbing that spooly and brushing your brows upward to create a feathery look!

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