5 Lipsticks That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Have you ever tried on a lipstick, only to look in the mirror and feel like your teeth have turned into a weird shade of yellow?

This is due to the undertones of the applies lipstick! Here’s what to look for when picking the right shade of lipstick to make your teeth look whiter!


Pick blue-based formulas over orangey-red ones.
Blue-based lipstick will help cancel out any orange or yellow tones on your teeth.

Light Pink

Stick with cool undertones rather than coral or orange.
Pinks tend to be trickier than reds, since they lack the dark contrast that can really make teeth pop.
Be wary of orange, and go for softer, berry-hued pinks.

Dark Pink

Blue tones do wonders for a bright smile, whether you choose a light raspberry or a deep plum.


Pick dark berries and purples over browns.
Purples and deep reds offer the double whammy of being simultaneously blue-based and providing high contrast for teeth to look their very brightest.


Sheer formulas with a hint of gloss are the way to go.

A simple as it can be!!!
Just follow these steps and you will have a perfectly-white smile!





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