6 Fashion Items That Are Worth Splurging On!

Fast fashion satisfies our shopping cravings in a similar way that fast food satisfies our hunger. You get an urge to buy something, not really focusing too much on quality because you’re blinded by the affordable price. You end up wearing the item for a couple of months but the piece starts wearing out in all the wrong places, and you find yourself at the store again trying to replace it with something else that’s similar. Down the line, you end up spending a lot of money on a specific type of piece that you could have splurged on in the first place in order to ensure quality. It’s not a sin to buy fast fashion, although it does come with its own set of ethical controversies, but it is a fashion sin to not realize when you should splurge on a certain piece. These are the six items that we recommend splurging on when possible!

Little Black Dress:

The key to splurging is making sure that you get a piece that is great quality and a classic that you will wear time and time again for years, just like a little black dress !

Little Black/Nude Pumps:

Just like the LBD, a pair of black pumps will be there for you, always. Even if you’re not one to wear heels very often, it is important to have a classic black pair that can be worn for any special occasion. The sister of the black pump is the nude pair. Finding the perfect pair is much harder than finding a black one because skin tones vary and there is no ideal color that will match every person out there, find one that looks perfect with your skin and elongates your legs.

Leather Handbag:

The style of handbag may vary according to taste and functionality, but having a go-to great quality handbag is a must. We prefer splurging on large totes because we have a tendency of over-stuffing them; the bag needs to be of good quality in order to handle all the abuse!

Cashmere Sweater:

Wearing a cashmere sweater is like wearing a cloud, and theres really nothing as soft and fluffy to keep you warm during the winter months. We advice investing a cashmere sweater that fits you perfectly which you can wear every winter for years in a row and you will still look effortlessly chic!


This is an item that most people do actually splurge on, so we’re not going to dwell on it too much. A coat is a staple for winter, at least if you’re living in a country where it gets very cold. Its usually a pricier item anyway, so even when you do spend a large sum of money on it you dont end up feeling so bad!


Undergarments are the foundation of your outfit. Finding the proper fit and cut that is comfortable and flattering for your body is a hard task, but once you find it, do not be afraid to bite the bullet and splurge on the item. Trust us, if your bra doesn’t fit right under your overprice outfit, everyone will be able to tell!

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