6 fashion No-No’s every woman should know about

Hello fashionistas everywhere. I know you know there are pre-established rules you’ve got to follow in fashion, and you’ve learnt it all from experience, but here’s a refresher anyway for all women out there. Here’s a crash course on what is a fashion no-no.

1. No matchy-matchy Playing a little mix and match never hurt anyone. It’s not necessary to match your clothes to your bag, shoes and anything else that you’re wearing at one time. Let’s leave this one out and kiss it goodbye.

2. Print maniac Mixing prints is never a good idea unless you know how to do it right. This is a tricky one, so stay away from a print on print unless you are more than a hundred percent sure about it.

3. Leggings as jeans Leggings were not made to replace your jeans, especially if you’re flaunting those visible panty lines and camel toe. This is a big NO NO!

4. Socks with slippers Whoever said socks with sandals or slippers looked cool needs to see the style doctor now! Let’s leave the socks for your trainers or bedtime pjs because you can certainly not wear them otherwise (not even if you’re super-cute).

5. The shoe police Boots in the summer is a major faux pas. If you are in fact a sucker for boots, you may want to stick to booties for the summer. Dressing according to the weather is important.

6. Leggings under minis Fashion repeats itself but this fashion failure was certainly meant to die. Mini skirts and dresses were made to make you look sexy and let’s just stick to showing those sexy legs. Unless you’re Emma Watson, this is a look you might need to think twice about.

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