6 Things to do Tonight for a Better Tomorrow


As you enjoy the last day of the weekend, Monday is getting ready to sneak up on you…

Why not get a head start and prepare for the new week, tonight!



. Apply your full night time skin routine:

We’re talking exfoliating, toner, masks, moisturizers, serums, and oils. Get your skin ready for the week with a long pampering session.


. Pick out your outfit for the next day:

Knowing that your clothes for the next day are ready to go will allow you to snooze those extra five minutes in the morning without any regrets.


. Meal prep:

What will you have for breakfast and lunch tomorrow? Get your ingredients ready and make your meals ahead of time. Trust us, “Hungry Monday you” will be very thankful.


. Journal:

Grab a pen and notebook and write down your thoughts before going to bed. From what you did that day, that weekend, or that week, to what you wish to accomplish tomorrow and during the week ahead. Write it out!


. Meditate:

Whether you use a guided meditation on Youtube or an app, take some time to meditate and clear your mind before going to bed.


. Turn off the electronics:

No phone, no laptop, no TV, disconnect from the world and allow your mind to relax.



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