7 Eyebrow Tips Every Girl Should Know!

  1. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your browns, THEN proceed to pluck. This allows you to not overpluck your eyebrows!
  2. Don’t use a small mirror, take a step back on a bigger mirror in order to see the whole picture.
  3. Don’t have an eyebrow brush? Use the brush of an old mascara to do the job, make sure you clean it well before use!
  4. If you plan on filling out your eyebrows, find the right color for your brows. If you have brown eyebrows, stay away from very warm browns that tend to sway more orange than brown, and really dark browns that lean towards black…
  5. Use short hair-like strokes while filling in your eyebrows, remember, it’s easier to add slowly than to remove. The short strokes will leave you with a more natural look.
  6. If you have very sparse eyebrows, skip the eyebrow pencil and use a pomade with an angled brush instead. This will give you more definition and color.
  7. Use a little bit of light concealer or highlighter right under the brow bone to highlight your look, trust us, it does wonders!
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