A Day at the Spa… At Home

Feel like a day at the spa, but can’t really afford it right now? Recreate the experience at home with these easy top-to-toe treats that will leave you feeling positively pampered.

Set the scene

Ok, first turn off the phone. Then, dim the lights. Light a candle and get ready.


Put a couple of bath oil drops into warm water. Soak for 15 minutes. As you wait, brush your nails with warmed olive oil and soap. Massage oil into hands and nail bed, then brush over with soap and rinse off.


While you’re in the bath, apply a hair oil treatment. Even that can be homemade. Mix half a cup of sesame and one cup of sweet almond oil with five drops each of lavender and sweet orange essential oil. Massage for a few minutes, then wrap hair in a turban. Leave in for as long as possible, then rinse, shampoo and condition.


Pop a handful of lemongrass, mint, parsley, lavender flowers and rose petals in a teapot, pour in boiling water and wait five minutes for the herbs to infuse. Drape a towel over your head to create a tent and lean over the steam, with your face 20 centimeters from it, for three to five minutes, to unclog debris and oil. Apply some cleanser, followed with toner, exfoliate, then apply a mask that suits your skin’s needs.


Mix two cups of almond oil and 10 drops of your favorite essential oils, rub your hands together to warm and give yourself a foot massage. Snuggle under warm towels until the oils are absorbed.


Exfoliate your hands and feet with a mix of two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup each of sea salt and brown sugar. Massage in to invigorate and slough rough skin. Rinse clean, then shape and paint nails.

To make your day even more fun, have your spa day at home with friends.

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