AI Fail: Japan’s Henn-na Hotel Dumps Robot Staff

Japan’s cutting-edge Henn-na Hotel chain, staffed largely by robots, is mothballing many of its androids because they break down frequently, are expensive to maintain and annoy the guests.
The robots that act as front-desk staff, cleaners, porters and in-room assistants are being replaced by more traditional human staff, a company official confirmed, although the chain is pushing ahead with plans to develop a new generation of robot employees and plans to open new properties across Japan.
“We are trying to evolve and improve every day, but we have been working with state-of-the-art equipment,” said Tatsuya Fukuda, who oversees development of the chain for domestic travel giant HIS.

The hotel was reintroducing human staff in place of its robot employees to ensure that standards of service were maintained, he told the South China Morning Post

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