Airline worker steals plane

An airline employee, identified as Richard Russell, stole an empty passenger plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night and performed several dangerous maneuvers in the sky before crashing, in an apparent suicide, on a nearby island about an hour later, officials said.
Russell was a 29-year-old resident of Pierce County in Washington state. The Horizon Air turboprop plane took off from the runway at 7:32 p.m. local time Friday, with Russell and no one else on board.. The 76-seat airliner was captured on video doing giant loops in the air and other risky stunts during its hour-long flight.
North American Aerospace Defense Command quickly launched two F-15 fighter jets to pursue the rogue aircraft, a federal senior aviation source told ABC News. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration said it implemented a “groundstop” for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as air traffic controllers “communicated with the individual who was flying the aircraft to try to help him land safely.”
Aerial footage of Ketron Island showed a large fiery blaze where the plane crashed. No one on the ground was harmed.

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