We are in November. In about two weeks or so, Lebanon is supposed to celebrate its National Day. And I can’t help but think: how are we going to celebrate? What is to celebrate?

Yesterday was no ordinary Sunday, for the people of Lebanon: just a few days after the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, when everyone was starting to feel that the protests were slowing down, suddenly, there was a revival.

Not only a revival of the protests themselves, a revival of hopes, of the will to force a change. The people of Lebanon left the comfort of their dominical occupations and took it to the streets again, blocking highways and main spots in the city, despite heavy deploying of the Army. Some called it the “Sunday of Unity”.

This is the 3rd week of anti-government and anti-corruption demonstrations, and still, tens of thousands of protesters gathered on the streets of Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre, as well as Nabatieh, Kfar Roummane, and Saida, their flags floating high, and their voices proudly chanting revolutionary anthems. Roads were blocked in various parts of the country, including Zahle, Akkar and Bekaa. In some places, peaceful protesters distributed roses to passing cars, as well as to soldiers, sending a message of solidarity.

Not far from the Square, 3 protesters appeared to be hanged, each having chosen to execute their past and their fears. The message is brutal, here, but the “naked truth” might be just what Lebanon needs, at this point.

Yes, it is time to shed the light on what has been gangrening the country over the years, but it is also time for each of us, as individuals, to face ourselves and accept the fact that if we really want the change, we have to start by changing the way we think and act, leaving behind us all the remnants of our brainwashed beliefs.

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