Apple launches the new iPhone Xs

Apple’s new handsets, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, feature different screen sizes and price points, in an attempt to appeal to a wide range of customers and defy a declining global smartphone market.The iPhone Xs — which is 5.8 inches long, the same size as the iPhone X — is similar to the current iPhone X model in other ways, too. However, it boasts upgrades like a faster processor, upgraded camera, and a more dynamic display. The phone will come in a new color, gold, to accompany silver and space gray. A larger version, the iPhone Xs Max, was also introduced, the biggest iPhone ever with a massive 6.5-inch screen. Apple Vice President Phil Schiller said the new flagship iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are more splash and water-resistant and can withstand up to six and a half feet of water for 30 minutes. Apple also unveiled a “budget” offering with a new phone, the iPhone Xr. The phone uses aluminum instead of steel, and has a 6.1-inch LCD screen instead of the more expensive OLED displays featured in the higher end iPhones. OLED screens don’t require any backlights like LCDs do and are higher quality, but the LCD is cheaper.​

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