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The 30s are one of the best phases of your life. You want to have fun, and your maturity makes it all that more interesting. The 30s are also the time you really need to start taking care of your skin, or changing your skin care routine. Many women in their 30s may have already had babies, so post-delivery skin symptoms like pigmentation, uneven skin and dark circles may be starting to show.  But keeping the glow isn’t all that difficult. Just follow these seven simple guidelines and the woman staring back at you in the mirror will thank you for it!

1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize

This is important! The cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is something most of us end up ignoring all through our younger days. When you hit your 30s, it is even more important that you follow it to the T.

2. Look for key ingredients

Whether you prefer natural or commercial cosmetics for skin care, look for key ingredients that help your skin look youthful and radiant. Antioxidants, vitamin C and glycolic acid help prevent premature ageing and severe dryness. As a result, it keeps your skin looking fresh.

3. Keep a healthy diet

Include lots of fruits and veggies in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable salads will help your body to get rid of toxins. This will help reveal healthy skin.

4. Supplements can do wonders

Take Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements to ensure that your skin is strong and maintains its elasticity. These vitamins produce collagen which helps maintain the skin elasticity for a longer time.

5. Natural face masks

A great way to indulge in some naturally beneficial skin treatment is to use ingredients from your kitchen.

  • Apply some yogurt on your face and neck
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
  • For some variation, add a bit of honey to it.

6. Exercise

Walk for 30 minutes or just hit the gym. Indulging in regular exercise will not only cleanse your skin but will also nourish your blood cells. This further helps to flush out the waste products from your skin.

7.  H2O

To keep your skin hydrated from within, drink plenty of water every day. It is essential not just for a healthy body but beautiful skin as well.

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