Beach Bag Essentials!


Heading out the beach to catch some sun and splash around in the water? Don’t forget to pack these beach bag essentials with you!



Whether you plan to tan or not, it’s important to protect your skin while under the sun. SPF 20 to 30 is a good option for the body and kick up that SPF level to 50 to protect your face!


– Back up swimwear:

Pack an extra swimsuit with you just in case… especially if you plan on spending a long time at the beach.


-A book:

Nothing like catching up on some reading while chilling by the pool or beach!


-Oversized beach towel:

The bigger, the better…


-Power bank:

It’s no secret that you will most likely be scrolling through Instagram while getting your tan on, and at some point, your phone is going to need some juice!


-Large hat and sunglasses:

These two go without saying…


-Reusable water bottle:

The kind that keeps your water cold for hours and is good for the environment 😉





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