Beating post-vacation blues

Summer oh! Summer. Where are you going? No more sleeping well into the morning hours, eating a late breakfast or partying away into the night. No matter how hard we try to stretch those vacation days, an untimely end hits us in the face…. and getting back into the routine can be tough.

Saying goodbye to the holidays is often rough and many people actually have a really hard time adjusting. For those who find themselves stuck and unable to move on, psychologists have devised various methods for coping.

First, slow down and relax. Instead of hurrying to get a little more fun in before your final goodbye, therapists believe we should do just the opposite. Pull back on the schedule with calming activities to help our bodies adjust and return to the normal habits we left behind.

Then, start moving! Exercising or just moving around in a focused manner sends lots of endorphins rushing to your brain while using up the stress hormones that enable us to cope with mental and physical difficulties.

While traveling, you’re constantly on the go, doing multiple activities per day. You become accustomed to that lifestyle, then you come home and it stops. Don’t let it! Keep yourself busy. Go to the gym, start cooking, pick up a book, see friends you haven’t seen in a while, learn a new language, do some research on cool events and new restaurants that have opened, just do anything! Everything! Eventually, you’ll get back to normal.

But what works for me is to instantly start planning my next vacation. Whether I’ve been away for a week or a year, when I come home I feel like I want to go somewhere new. It doesn’t hurt to research. This gives me something to look forward to.

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