Become a Healthy Bronzed Goddess Even in Winter

A little bit of a tan suits everyone, doesn’t it? In the summer, it comes naturally due to sunny, warm days that call for swimming on the shores of Tyre or Jbeil. There are so many wonderful things about winter, but losing your sun-kissed look isn’t one of them. While there are some tricks to extend your bronze color, with the help of modern technology it can be achieved during the winter in an easy and, most importantly, safe way.

Ways to Get a Great Tan in the Winter

Achieving a great tan means choosing the easiest and safest option. Self-tanning products can be found at drugstores for various prices and in many forms: lotions, mousses, wipes or milks are available. For anyone who cannot escape Beirut’s winter to go to an exotic trip to Thailand, this may be something worth considering. You can surely find the one that fits with your personal taste and budget. The best thing about self-tanning products is that they are not harmful to your skin. That way, you can have a beautiful tan all year long, and feel good knowing that your skin is taken care of.

If you’re not a fan of the DIY approach, many salons offer spray tans. That is another method that works basically on the same principle, and is considered safe if you are aware of the risks you may face without taking proper precautions. Educating yourself is the key to avoiding any harm that might arise from chemicals entering your body.

Don’t Worry, Self-Tanning Can Be Achieved Without Harm!

It is important to take some precautions when tanning. Even though sun tanning is a natural way to get a tan, it’s recommended to avoid sunbathing between 10am until 4pm. Even though you may want to take a quick river swim in Baakline, you really should avoid doing so before 4pm It is enough to spend 10 minutes in the sun to get your required vitamin D daily dose. Perhaps the option that should be avoided most is going to solariums, since sun beds cause many unwanted side effects.

It’s important to take precautions and educate yourself when deciding between different tanning options. Modern technology has advanced so much that choosing safe options that make you beautiful is easy. Only by doing so can you truly remain a healthy, bronzed goddess in the winter months.

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