Best Signs from the Protests in Lebanon

The people have taken to the streets to stand up against our corrupt politicians and demand a better future. The protests in Lebanon have been inspiring to say the least, and definitely entertaining. These are our favorite signs spotted at the protests in Lebanon, and from around the world!

Ps. Most of the images have been sent on WhatsApp or shared on social media, and their sources are not known.


Inspiring everyone to come to the streets, even introverts.


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We support this man of course! #introverts are out 😍😂🥰 (Photo credit: M.B.)

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The Happiest Depressed People You Will Ever Meet, the perfect description of the Lebanese people.


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That’s my #Lebanon! That’s my revolution: happiest depressed people you’ll ever meet! #لا_ما_خلصت #lebanonprotests

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At this rate, we really feel bad for the mother. Do it for mama!


Sex is great and all, but revolution is so much better!

Lying to mom to make it to the protests!

No offense to the cute animals of the world…


Kylie’s “Rise and Shine” to the Lebanese people…


Spotted by TheOtherDada, even Tinder dates are taking a break.


The devils are all here…


Making Trump look like a nice guy…


Just give me 72 hours…


This hilarious translation from the protests in Paris.


It’s soooo not about Whatsapp!


Save a tire, burn a politician…


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From Paris, with love.


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