Birds overdose on prescription pills dumped in a California park

Birds that appeared to have been intoxicated on prescription pills dumped in a Southern California park are now recuperating thanks to wildlife center staff. The Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center shared photos of an intoxicated goose and gull on its Facebook page after neighbors in Huntington Beach, Calif., noticed the birds to be acting strangely. The birds were said to be walking slowly, and one goose passed out with its legs in the air.

According to the post, hundreds of pills, which may have included heart medications, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety and insomnia medications, were left at Carr Park by an unknown person. To the birds, the medicine may have appeared to be grain. According to one commenter, who identified himself as an assistant manager at a sober-living facility, one of the pills included Seroquel, a “heavy sedative used in [paranoia]/anxiety.”

The Canada goose and ring-billed gull received IV fluids and now appear to be doing better.

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