BYE-BYE 2019! HELLO 2020 !


Congratulations on surviving the end-of-year crunch and the extra-stressful holiday season in Lebanon. You made it to January. The days are short and cold, often gray and damp, the media is constantly selling us the need to revamp everything in our lives, and we are barely surviving the current crisis. Some of us made resolutions for the starting of the year, and are desperately trying not to break them. Roller-coaster of emotions, pressure of #NewYearNewYou, constant tensions due to the Lebanese crisis… Tough month… So here you go, we give you a few pointers to embrace the new year, despite the confusion and the mess. You will see, it is doable!


What is the biggest, scariest thing you’re holding onto from 2019 ? What was the biggest mistake you made last year ? What people, things, situations, no longer fit into your life ? For 2020 to be awesome, you have to let go of 2019, and honestly, that part is totally up to you… By creating a self-care planner, you can write down all your daily tasks and appointments. Every page could be a mission.

Remember, self-care is not a duty, it is about meeting your own needs, making time for yourself. From self-massage to meditations to de-cluttering… you’ll have to focus on your own needs everyday, instead of dragging yourself through days. It is all about instilling small day-to-day details into your life with meaningful actions, rituals, items that help you feel balanced and healthy.

You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been ! To practice self-care, you have to know exactly what’s going on with your body, so that you can treat it properly all year long. So it might be time to plan your annual physical, so that you can discuss with your doctor what screenings and test you may need, or any issues you may have.

Just in time for a fabulous Valentine! You should schedule your dental appointment to make sure there are no issues on that front. Good oral and dental hygiene not only help prevent bad breath, but they also help you prevent gum disease, so that you can keep your teeth as you older…

You wear glasses or contact lenses ? It might be time to have your eyes checked. Make it a priority this month. And if it has been a while since your last check up, go for the extensive version, even if you have no symptoms or vision problems. You might have an eye condition without knowing it.

We all know it, summer bodies are made in the winter ! It’s already April, but there’s still hope for you to snap back into shape, even if you had a hard start to 2020. Getting started can be as simple as finding ways to add more steps to your day, especially now that the weather is getting better. Going out to lunch? Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You snacked in front of Netflix? Go for walk around your block before hitting your bed in the evening.

May means good weather and the unofficial start of summer. It also means that many of us are starting to plan our next vacation. Because it can do wonders to our health. So don’t be one of those who never use their vacations days! Take a weekend trip, take a mental health day, but take a vaca !

Father’s day is coming up, and Mother’s day was just a bit ago. June is the time to check on your family if you haven’t, recently. Especially family members you haven’t heard of since Christmas – aunties and cousins or grandparents. Time is precious, you never know for how long people will be around.

Summer is the best time to take on a hobby or try something new. So if you have been meaning to take paddling lessons, now is the time. Live your present !

How about a little bit of financial self-care? Take time to prioritize your money this month: implement a budget, learn to balance your checklist, download a money saving app. Do anything necessary to put you forward a year from now.

You made it all the way to September… you rock ! After working hard for months, the best form of self-care is to make time for yourself. Be selfish, set boundaries with others, learn to say “no”, take yourself on an nice date, don’t wait for someone to do it for you. Splurge on something that makes you happy (while staying true to your budget).

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and you may be due for a mammogram ! Make time for it, see your gynecologist, ask your doctor questions about sexual health and gynecological issues.

Statistically, November has shown to be a depressing time for many. Days are gloomier, rain comes in, the holiday season is not far, and everyone feel they are not in a cheering mood. Make November a month of mental cheer. Talk to a friend or a family member if you feel down. Look into natural remedies that can help as well. Practice self-love.

It’s the end of the year! Time to get rid of the old, of the clutter, in order to be able to step into the new. December is a good month for reflecting and planning for the year ahead so you can set new goals and crush them. Take a step back to look at your environment: your home, your office. Those spaces that you occupy daily should bring you the kind of energy that boosts you or heals you when needed.


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