Bye bye erection problems

No man welcomes erection problems, but they are fairly common as men get older. When it comes to a healthy penis though, the principle of ‘use it or lose it’ seems to apply.
It is said that sex can even be used as a way to reduce the odds of developing erectile problems in the first place. But does regularly having sex really help a man avoid developing erection problems?
While there’s no solid proof, the answer is quite possibly yes, says Lording, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Monash University and an andrologist at Melbourne’s Cabrini Hospital.
“I think it probably does, but I don’t think it’s a proven thing. I don’t think there’s been enough work done to say there’s conclusive evidence that’s the case.”
It’s certainly true however that “getting erections helps keep the penis healthy” he says. Provided the man has no underlying health conditions that would put undue strain on his heart, however, having more sex “would not be harmful at all” and may well be helpful.
Use it or lose it?
So does a man have anything to lose by aiming for more sex in the hope it might do his penis some good?
Probably not, but there are exceptions. The exertion of sex is associated with a higher risk of cardiac events for those with certain kinds of untreated heart problems.
Sex is like exercise. According to the experts, thrusting away is like walking a kilometer or two at a good pace. And having an orgasm is like sprinting up a couple of flights of stairs.
For most people, it would be safe. But if they have angina [chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart], severe hypertension [high blood pressure] or cardiac failure that’s not been assessed and treated, it would not be a good idea to start promoting having more sex because there is an increased risk associated with that.
And if you’ve already started noticing erection problems, having more sex is unlikely to be enough on its own to fix things. But it will surely be fun trying.

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