All experts agree on one thing: until the threat of this pandemic has been fully neutralized, people should embrace the protective masks. As we are starting to navigate life beyond the stay-at-home orders, we are going to be using masks for a while, as we are not sure of what the future may hold. And, as soon as big brands announced that they would repurposing their factories to make masks and gowns, jokes started flying… “Breaking news: since humans will be wearing masks pretty much everywhere for the next year or so, they are bound to become the hottest new fashion accessory!”


The coronavirus respects no economic division. Everyone is a potential victim, and everyone has been affected so far, in one way or another. The white and blue surgical masks became the most visible personal protective equipment, but they also became a democratizing item: they render all wearers equal under isolation, they signify our communal experience and collective fear. We became all united under one craftiness. But now, masks started migrating into the realm of fashion, to become symbols not only of health or social concern, but of identity. With new designs, they aspire to become a sign of achievement and “inequality”. I am unique, and I want to show it…


Different people have different levels of tolerability when it comes to masks, and each one of us should try and find a mask we can comfortably keep on. Today that we know that masks are going to be around for some time, it’s not just about improving comfort, that designers are focusing on. Many are now trying to create masks that people actually want to wear. Masks that others might find as aesthetically pleasing. Think about it: once, sunglasses and hats were items meant only to protect from the sun. They’ve evolved into fashion accessories, providing countless options to choose from. Whether it’s the design you chose or the way you tie your mask to your face, you now have the opportunity to make a statement and protect others, in style…


Let’s take a look at President Trump himself: he has consistently been reluctant to wear a mask. Maybe he would consider wearing one, if it was a fashion statement. His wife, on the other hand, has be seen wearing the basic white surgical mask, obviously using it as a symbol of public outreach. Making a statement is an evolution that is natural for human beings. It is even inevitable. And this this exactly the type of impulse that fashion was created to serve.

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