CEO Posts Advert for Fashion Designer to Travel the World With Her

A CEO is willing to pay a talented fashion designer around 52000USD (40000 Pounds) to travel around the world with her – and create bespoke outfits fit for high-powered meetings and ‘casual events’.
The successful candidate will also be asked to rustle up clothing for her two Pomeranian pups.
The CEO, who refers to herself as ‘Jan’, contacted to help her secure a sidekick.
In an email posted online by the fashion manufacturing startup, Jan listed East Asia, North America, Europe and Australia as ‘a few’ of the definite destinations on the itinerary for the first 12 months.
Perks will include paid-for food, accommodation, travel and design materials in addition to the competitive salary itself.
The elusive CEO goes on to explain she is looking for “tailor-made trendy outfits” to suit both formal and casual occasions.
Example excursions for her custom couture include business meetings, horse racing in Dubai, and dinner with family and friends.
And she adds: ‘I enjoy wearing matching outfits with my two Pomeranias as a bit of fun, so my designer will need to tailor some clothes for them, too.’
While Jan’s schedule means a 50-hour work week might be necessary from time to time, she also explains the role would sometimes take up as little as ten hours per week.
The CEO said she fired her former personal stylist for ‘repeated creative clashes and a loss of confidence in their ability.
With this in mind, she has specified the search for an experienced but young fashion designer with fresh ideas. So far, the job has only received 12 applications.

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