Chinese Woman Spends Over $1000 on Plastic Surgery for Her Cat

In all corners of the globe, plastic surgery has evolved in crazy ways, there are only a few body parts you can’t change. But it appears that plastic surgery on pets is also a somewhat common practice.
According to local reports, a lady in China has spent USD $1,459 on plastic surgery for her cat. The reason? She thought her cat was too ugly.
A double-eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty, was performed on the cat to give it double eyelids. Images surfaced online and on a local TV station showing the cat with fur shaved off its face, swollen eyes and stitches.
Double eyelid surgery is common in China, however, this is usually a practice performed on humans. Surprisingly, staff from Rupeng Pet Hospital in Nanjing, where the cat’s operation happened, shared that many dog owners have come in requesting the double-eyelid surgery as well. This is usually so they can get their pets to perform in animal shows. Unfortunately, they also added that there are multiple health risks that come with the operation, including causing extensive discomfort to pets.
After local television stations aired the story, which showed video footage of the hospitalized cat, the owner faced widespread criticism for her actions. People had a lot to say including, “It doesn’t even look like the same cat anymore. This is plain torture,” and “I would go as far to say this is animal abuse – complete disregard of the poor cat’s feelings.”
Understandably, PETA spokesperson Keith Guo told MailOnline that “any kind of unnecessary surgery that puts our pets under the knife poses a risk from wounds and infection. If you are looking for something pretty to show your friends, buy a necklace.”

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