As the death toll from the virus continues to rise, global concerns keep increasing too. And photos from around the globe are circulation online. From big crowds in masks to deserted streets, reporters around the world have gathered images that illustrate how the world is facing the new Coronavirus… Quite some scenes, sometimes.

The deserted streets of Wuhan – AP
Spraying disinfectant in Wuhan city – AP
People queuing at a cosmetics shop in Hong Kong to buy face masks – AP
Geishas in a temple in Tokyo – AFP
Workers removing a body from a residential building in Wuhan – AP
Screening at airport in Bengladesh – AP
Imperial guards wearing protective masks in Seoul – AP
Disinfecting the subway in Seoul – AP
Airport workers in Marseilles after landing a plane from Wuhan – AP
Tourists in Seoul – AFP
School in Vietnam – AP
Preparation of EU nationals evacuation in Wuhan Airport – AP
Controlling provinces borders in China – Reuters
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