Cozy sex positions for chilly nights

Temperatures have dropped and so has your desire to get naked. But snuggling up in bed with your partner can often lead to sex and according specialists in sexuality, certain sex positions can definitely generate more body heat than others.

Here are four sex positions that generate lots of body heat. Sensual extras, such as heated blankets or warmed-up coconut oil for a pre-sex massage, are always welcome too!

Lay down doggy

While traditional doggy style provides almost no direct skin contact except at the pelvis, this modified version makes it easy for partners to stay close and cozy. Start in doggy position, then lower the top half of your body down onto the bed, so your butt is sort of sticking up in the air a bit. If this is uncomfortable, put a pillow underneath your pelvis. Next, have your partner lower his torso so it’s pressed on top of your back as he enters from behind.

Snuggly spoon

Spoon-style sex is the perfect pose for cold nights because your bodies are wrapped tightly together, with his front warming up your back, butt, and shoulders. It’s comfortable and lazy, and you can drape a blanket over your bodies to build extra heat.

Woman on top

The woman on top position puts you in the driver’s seat, but it also leaves your body exposed—no fun if cool air in the bedroom is giving you goosebumps. Turn up the heat with this modification: After you get in position, lean forward so your torso is pressed against your partner, your arms gripping his shoulders or stretched out over his head. It’s easiest if you guide him inside you while you’re upright, then lean over so the front of your body is against his as you move.

From there, your partner can wrap his arms around your back so you both feel extra connected, and your mouths are close enough for lots of warm kisses. Tangling your legs and playing footsie will create even more sparks.

Hot shower

A winter chill in the bedroom isn’t just a mood killer. Being cold can make it harder for a man to get an erection, and it might also cause a woman’s vaginal lubrication to dry up a bit. A playful way to get around this? Get out of bed, jump in the shower together, and crank up the steam . . . then create your own steam with a hot-shower sex session. Consider it the perfect way to start a winter morning or end a chilly day.

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