Culture and Arts : The Arts Bus Caravan in Lebanon

With the aim to create a net of culture relationships amongst the population of the villages of Lebanon as well as spaces where artists from an international community can share with local artists different levels of experience, Tiro association for Arts has launched the Arts Bus Caravan project.

Tiro association for Arts is an independent Lebanese association that has been working since 2014 in the opening of spaces where performing Arts and creativity in various artistic fields can be expressed and shared by different communities.

Currently, after the experience with Istanbouli Theatre, Al Hamra Cinema and Stars Cinema, the association is working hard in the reopening of the Rivoli Cinema in Tyre, South of Lebanon. The Rivoli was closed for 29 years and Tiro for Arts wants to officially reopen it to host  Tiro Art Festival 2018 that will be held between 27 October and 31 October. The festival will be supported by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and Drosos Foundation, and will bring together theater performances, music concerts and short films.

Kassem Istanbouli, manager of the project, says that “the Arts Bus Caravan will bring the work of the association to promote and celebrate Arts to the population of several villages of Lebanon. We are happy to complement our activities at Tyre, at the Rivoli cinema, with our activities at Nabatiyeh and now also at villages. For us it is important to create spaces where local artists can show their work to their community and also festivals where artists can share their experiences.”


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