When Rose Bechara decided to perpetuate one of Lebanon’s ancestral heritage, she was driven by passion. The result of her passion: Darmmess, an organic Extra Virgin Olive oil that was launched on the Lebanese market just around mid-November 2019.


Darmmess is the result of an early harvest, and handpicked single variety “Souri” olives, a type of olive that originates from Lebanon, precisely from the region around Sour (aka Tyre). It is extracted from olive trees that are over 600 years old, in the famous village of Deir Mimas, in the Marjayoun caza, the hidden jewel of South Lebanon, whose rocky hills and terraces have cultivated olives since ancient times.  The olives are pressed within hours of harvest, without any exposure to air, light, heat or chemicals, ensuring the outstanding quality of this monovarietal organic oil.

It is practically one of the only olive oils in Lebanon with very low acidity, at 0,14%, and a biophenol content of 250 mg. Recognized in Lebanon and abroad for its purity, this luxurious premium extra virgin olive oil is for “connoisseurs”, with a rich texture and intense flavors. Characterized by a complex, yet harmonious, taste of green olives, its texture remains soft. The numerous aromas first reveal a mix of green tomato, herbs, apple and banana, followed by a poke of black pepper, walnut and almond.



Lebanon is renowned for its olive orchards dating back centuries, and some of the villages in the North and the South are home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world. It is believed that the olive was first cultivated on the shores of the Mediterranean, along the coasts of Lebanon and Palestine, when the Phoenician started to domesticate the wild olive trees and adapt them for cultivation. They later on introduced the olive trees to Greece, and then Italy, France, Spain, and finally North Africa. To date, Deir Mimas continues to be a major producer of olives and olive oil – the latter is known in Lebanon as the Bordeaux wine of olive oils…

For more info on Darmmess olive oil, visit their accounts:

Facebook:  Darmmess

Instagram: @darmmess

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