Details on Amelia Earhart’s final days beginning to emerge

Amelia Earhart, in her Lockheed Electra plane, sits surrounded by knee-deep water, marooned on the reef of Gardner Island with her seriously injured navigator, Fred Noonan. She waits for the tides to lessen before sending out yet another distress signal. Well, that’s the theory anyway.
For Richard Gillespie, executive director of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, this is a glimpse into how he believes Earhart’s last days with communication to civilization transpired — pieced together by analyzing a catalog of radio distress calls picked up by both area governmental agencies and witnesses in the immediate days after Earhart went missing.
Gillespie is hoping to put an end to the question of what happened to the famed aviator by releasing a 30-page report that he believes verifies, and connects, these radio signals to her disappearance.

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