Diver Was Almost Swallowed Whole by a Whale

Incredible footage has emerged of a diver nearly being swallowed whole by a whale.
Rainer Schimpf, 51, was diving in waters off Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in February when he found himself nearly swallowed by a Bryde’s whale, which scooped him up.
He told Barcroft TV he was attempting to get a shot of a shark when things went dark.
“I felt some pressure when I instantly knew a whale had grabbed me,” he told the network.
Photographer Heinz Toperczer, who was with the diver on board a nearby ship, said he noticed the water churn up before “a whale appeared and grabbed him”.

Schimpf said he believed the whale would either swim off and release him underwater or simply swallow him.
Luckily, the whale did neither and spat him up immediately.
He added it was an accident on the whale’s behalf but gave him a “connection” to large mammal.

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