Social media has once again managed to create yet another “legend” for the online community. Meet Seth Phillips, a.k.a. “Dude With Sign”, a man that has been standing in SoHo with cardboard signs protesting about all the little annoyances that pop up in our daily life. And in a matter of 5 months only, his Instagram accounts has already reached over 5 million followers !


Something that us, Lebanese, can all relate to…

If the dude standing at the corner of the street is indeed Seth Phillips, behind the account is a simple one-time photo shoot that was meant to be for Elliot Tebele’s account, @F*CKJERRY. Last October, just about when we were starting our #LebaneseRevolution, Tebele and Phillips took to the streets of SoHo neighborhood holding a cardboard sign with a simple protest: “Stop replying-all to company-wide emails”.

Relatable to everybody working, basically. However, the online response was so viral that Phillips and Tebele decided to create an account specifically for such protests. The @DUDEWITHSIGN was born.


Phillips is a content creator for the board game What Do You Meme, as well as for the @F*CKJERRY account. He mainly gets protest ideas from his work environment and co-workers. With them, he always tries to come up with protests that would be relatable to everyone, and that yet, no one would talk about. And that is probably why the account has accumulated so many followers so quickly. Phillips is a Marketing graduate and is originally from a small town in Texas.


Don’t we all relate to this one ?!

He admits that now, the street corner in SoHo fills up with people in a matter of minutes, and everyone has their phones out. He still feels quite awkward about how everybody wants to have a souvenir photo with him, and shocked that people are actually seeing him as a famous person just for holding a cardboard sign.

I dedicate this one to my friend L., the champion of that !

While most protests usually revolve around very serious issues, events or policies, taking on random things really has people relating. The guy is literally taking the words out of our mouth! And while we all love to have a good laugh, the role of humor in protest culture actually is a real strategy: it helps creating a social movement, a collective identity. @DUDEWITHSIGH is living proof of it.

This one is for almost everybody in my life… Learn to spell my freakin’ name !


This one should appear in every plane with Lebanese on-board…

To check out all the protesting cardboard signs Seth has posted, check out his Instagram page here.


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