El Gouna -Egypt

While the Pyramids of Giza are the highlight of Egypt, there is a place that should definitely be on your Egyptian itinerary. El Gouna is a place where the turquoise Red Sea sparkles. With resorts, spas and an 18-hole golf course, El Gouna lets you unwind under the sun. Below are a few of our favorite things to do in El Gouna, and there’s something for everyone!.

1 Obviously, the beach

This is the place to get a tan under the forever shining sun! Most hotels have their own private beaches, and if they don’t you can still access the beaches for a small fee. Additionally, beaches in Gouna provide different activities for the whole family, including kayaks, banana boats, jet skis, parasailing and pedalos.

2 Swim with the dolphins

Not only can you swim with the dolphins, you can literally follow them into the sea. You can book a day trip that will take you to the middle of the sea, to a spot they call the dolphin house. There you can just jump into the water and find yourself swimming among a herd of dolphins in their natural habitat.

3 Explore the marine life

Did you know that the Red Sea covers one of the best coral reefs in the world? This makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving. There are plentiful options to choose from when you want an agency to organize day rips in to the sea to discover diverse world of reefs and fish.

4 Play golf

Looking for a relaxing new sport? El Gouna has an 18-hole golf courses that will give you the opportunity to learn how to play golf.

5 Enjoy the Nightlife

Even if you’re not a party animal, you can still enjoy el Gouna’s lively nightlife. If you visit the marina by night, you can find a bar around every corner, ready to serve you local drinks and lovely mixes.

6 Opt for a fancy dinner

If 5-star service is more your fancy, and you want to treat yourself to a delicious dinner, the marina gives you a wide variety of five star restaurants to choose from. You can feast upon some fresh seafood, Italian homemade plates, burgers and of course oriental traditional food, and the prices aren’t actually very high.

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