Elissa battles breast cancer and wins!

While Elissa fans were ready for a new video clip from Elissa’s summer album, they were shocked when she revealed that she has been battling breast cancer. ​Watching, you would think ​itis a normal video clip of a cancer patient, but you’re shocked after hearing Elissa in a real phone call. You can hear her sob in fear. The video clip showed Elissa’s journey fighting cancer, with her family and friends around her, giving her strength when she wanted to give up. In one of the scenes, renowned makeup artist Bassam Fattouh is seen drying her tears before applying makeup for a concert in Dubai on February 3rd of this year. She fainted on stage half an hour into the concert. The incident made headlines and her PR said she was tired from flying. In a bold, daring, honest move, Elissa didn’t want to only thank the people who love her and stood by her, but also build a campaign. The clip ends with date stamp, August 7, 2018 and a message from ​Elissa:“I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness, and I won…. Early detection of breast cancer can save your life, don’t ignore it, face it. DO IT NOT ONLY FOR YOURSELF, BUT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.”

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