Emma Stone Breaks Shoulder at Spice Girls Concert

American actress Emma Stone headed to a Spice Girls concert along with a friend at Wembley stadium in London. Stone, who is a big Spice Girls fan, posed with Baby Spice before the start of the concert.
During the concert, she plunged from her friend’s shoulder and broke her shoulder in the process. At first, she did not realize how badly she had hurt herself, but after a couple of days, the reality of her injury set in.

The 30-year-old Oscar nominee had been due to shoot Disney’s 101 Dalmatians prequel titled “Cruella” in London. According to a source: “Emma relocated tot he UK for the summer to through herself into this movie – it was a great opportunity to be a classic villain. But she’s a massive Spice Girls fan and got carried away at their concert and fell off a pal’s shoulders while she was partying.

“She thought it was just bruised initially, but has now discovered it‘s actually broken.

“She’s gutted about such a serious injury. She needs to be in top physical condition for the role, which is active and involves running around after dogs.”

No official comment has been released by Disney or by Emma Stone regarding the state of the movie!

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