Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat could be saying goodbye to likes and streaks

Instagram and Snapchat could be forced to make big changes for young users under possible new rules.
The Information Commissioner’s Office (known as the ICO) is a group that works for MPs and investigates ways to keep people safe online.
They’ve come up with sixteen rules they believe will help keep young people safe on the internet, and have put their ideas out for a ‘consultation’ – which means experts and members of the public can let them know what they think of the plan.
One of the ideas under consideration are rules about companies using “nudge” techniques to keep people online – this includes things like encouraging people to keep posting, like Snapchat does with streaks, or to collect more data about people by encouraging them to mark when they like something, as millions of people do on Facebook and Instagram everyday.                                                                                                                                    Under the suggested new rules, “high privacy” must become the standard with only a small amount of personal data being collected or kept.
Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said: “This is the connected generation. The internet and all its wonders are hardwired into their everyday lives.
“We shouldn’t have to prevent our children from being able to use it, but we must demand that they are protected when they do.”

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