Facebook Loses Over 15 Million Users in Two Years

Facebook is losing users like a drunk gambler loses excess cash. During the course of just last two years, Facebook has lost 15 million users in the US alone which is far more than the whole population of countries like Belgium and South Sudan.

A recent report from Edison Research data summarizes that Facebook has an estimated 15 million lesser US users today than it had two years back in 2017. The report briefs about the statistical data of the downfall of Facebook users and states that in 2017, 67% of the total US population over the age of 12 were Facebook users. Whereas, in 2018, the number dropped by 2%, and by 1% more in 2019, making it to the overall remaining 12-year old users at 61%. This points out to an estimated 172 million current users, according to the research.

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