Rony Aouad runs Farideh Restaurant Ajaltoun. But Farideh is no ordinary Lebanese restaurant. Located in the oldest part of the village, the restaurant is actually the 200-year-old house of Téta Farideh, his grandmother, who was known in the area for always leaving her doors open, so that people would visit her. A few years back, Rony turned a childhood dream into reality, when he finally opened the doors of Téta Farideh’s house again, after turning it into – not so much a restaurant – but rather a “home” where everyone is welcome to have a taste at a few delish.


On a daily basis, Farideh serves authentic Lebanese dishes, from mezza to mashewé, with a few unique dishes with a twist, whether it is in the outdoor luxuriant garden or the cosy indoor room with a vintage feel. Today, Rony turns a sympathetic ear to everything that is going on in the country, aware of the growing number of people in need. And very humanly, he decided to be pro-active and launch a social initiative: every Wednesday during the month of December, those in a difficult situation are welcome to visit Farideh and enjoy a free lunch, compliments of the house !


Rony is known among friends to be a very positive person, and the young man sure believes in the amazing rule of paying it forward. Very often, the way you offer your help is the key, and it can trigger something in those you once helped. Food for thoughts.


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