Faux Fur Fashion

Lebanon hasn’t seen cold like this in more than 10 years and the thick, fur coats are making a comeback! While we’re still in the deep throes of the raging debate regarding wearing real or faux fur, others just want to warm up. Do you like to wear the real thing? Or are you more of an animal lover? The polarizing issue has been inspiring many fashion houses, and to stay on the safe side, many are offering faux fur options which show off updated cuts, cute lapel and cuff details, and bold colors that reach beyond the infamous costume garbs of the past.

From classic neutral-toned pieces to the biggest, brightest garments, both high-street and designer brands boast a varying selection of the warmest faux fur coats. With the likes of Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sienna Miller all pulling off this on-trend statement, you can take sanctity in the knowledge that you don’t look over the top, just outright stylish. Because when faux fur looks this chic, who needs the real thing?

Photos: Styledumonde.com
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