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Despite the increasing divorce rates, you have a great chance at making it work. Here’s how.

ongterm Relationship For Life

Keep your long-term relationship or marriage fresh, alive and happy.  The divorce rate in Lebanon has increased dramatically, by 55%between 2000 and 2013, as recorded by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.  Every couple can take positive steps to keep their relationship happy for life and to retain the spark of passion!  Avoid infidelity which is a common cause of marriage/relationship failure, but also remember that even if the worst happens, any adversity can be overcome and with love, truth and honesty, the trust can be rebuilt and insecurities overcome.

Build intimacy

Share new experiences together both in and out of the bedroom.  This will help you feel more connected and provide new conversation material.  Studies have shown that spending time together as a couple is essential for prolonged happiness.  Many busy couples keep a date night on their calendar specifically to spend time together.  To improve or revive intimacy couples could try activities such as massage.  Good communication and sharing intimate thoughts and fantasies has a very positive effect on most relationships.  Some couples enjoy dressing up and role play.

Same life goals

Stronger couples tend to have the same life goals and are both pulling towards them.  They work as a team, for example saving for a special event, holiday or home improvement.  Communication and honesty are important here too, as any deviance from the goal should be discussed and agreed.  The relationship will stay fresh by working together in this way and when a goal is achieved you will be able to celebrate together!

Emotional communication

Disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, but it is how a couple handles them that is important.  Both partners should communicate using the same emotional template, this way they can understand each other and work towards a solution or common ground.  Communication is achieved not only by what is actually said, but by the way it is said and body language plays a large part, too.

Strong, happy couple for life

Happiness and a lifelong relationship can be achieved with a little effort from both partners.  If you both want this and work towards it you will reap the rewards and intimacy which goes hand in hand.  If you have children it is another reason to keep your relationship healthy as disharmony is damaging to everyone.  With a little nurturing your relationship can pass the test of time and be great fun too.


 contributed by Jane Watson.

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