Four Ways to Deal With a Bad Haircut

Oooooh, it’s bad. You feel like killing your hairdresser. Why does your hair look like that? You’ve probably suffered a bad haircut at one stage, and because patience is not an option when it comes to your perfect mane, here are four ways to deal with a bad haircut.
1- Call the salon and ask to have your hair fixed for free. If you expressed your unhappiness at the time of your cut, either during the cut or afterward, you can call the salon and explain that you can’t keep your hair the way that it is. Tell them that you tried adjusting to it, but it’s not at all what you wanted.
2- Hide bad layers with clips, hats, or a bun. Clips and other accessories like headbands come in handy if you’re trying to disguise bad layers as well. Pull the pieces that you want hidden underneath other hair, and secure them with a bobby pin or headband. Or, tuck all of your hair under a hat to hide layers entirely.
3- Extensions and wigs
So, take a cue from Kylie Jenner’s book if you’re unhappy with your haircut and throw on a wig or rock some extensions. That way, while your natural hair grows out, you can experiment with other cuts and colors and find one you like.
4- Get another haircut
Walking right back into the salon might seem like the last thing you’d want to do after a bad hair cut, but it may be the fastest fix. A new stylist might be able to work around what you’ve got and fix up a botched cut.

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