Fun Winter Date Ideas

The cold, winter months don’t have to be all about snuggling up close to the fireplace and drinking wine (although that does sound pretty good!)… there are so many things you can do with your partner to spice things up. Winter doesn’t mean your romantic side has to go into hibernation. Put a little spin on your date nights with these crafty ideas.=

If it’s outdoors…

1. Go for a stroll (or cruise around in a nice warm car) to look at all holiday lights together.

2. Do a winter wonderland photoshoot.

3. Hit the slopes for a snowboarding or sledding adventure.

4. Light up a bonfire on the beach or in your backyard and roast some chestnuts or marshmallows.

5. Book a trip to somewhere with warmer climates. Hawaii sounds amazing right about now.


1. Bring out some boardgames or jigsaw puzzles and play over steaming cups of mulled wine.

2. Play some indoor sports together like indoor mini golf, going for swim at the local indoor pool, or bowling a few games.

3. Arcades are making a comeback. Think about it.

4. Test your teamwork skills with an escape room.

5. Sign up for a cooking class.

Have a cozy, romantic night

1. Rent a cabin up in the mountains or by a lake and just try not to have the most romantic weekend.

2. Netflix and chill.

3. Make an amazing dinner together at home.

4. Snuggle up in front of a fire with some spiked hot chocolate or bundle up under a blanket together and watch the sunset with a couple of mugs.

5. Embrace your inner child by building a pillow fort… and then do really adult things inside it.

6. Play the board games you have that are collecting dust in the house.

7. Order in, and order junk food! (Just this once)

8. Pretend the power is out. It probably is. Point is, take out the candles and get romantic.

9. Host a party and have everyone bring a dish.

10. Karaoke night.

11. Couples yoga.

12. Have an indoor picnic.

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