Funniest Tweets from the Lebanese Protests and Revolution

The Lebanese Revolution is in full swing, uniting people from different religions and backgrounds from all over the country. The mood in the air feels amazing, as the Lebanese people keep proving that no one can stomp on the Lebanese spirit, and no one can beat the Lebanese humor. Social media has been filled with memes, videos, and voice notes oozing with witty jokes about the situation and the Lebanese politicians. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tweets about the Lebanese Revolution!


This has become the anthem of the protest.



A Lebanese lady sarcastically mentioned that she no longer had money to get botox, a Lebanese doctor based in Kuwait volunteered to take care of the botox for her as long as she kept protesting.



The magic song…



A Lebanese Selena Gomez fan asking her to postpone her new release while we fix the country.



Best university professor, ever.

The analysis of what was being broadcast on OTV.


This guy knows what’s up.


Pool season is still under session…


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