Getting rid of period pain. Period.

Lucky are the few women who don’t suffer from period pain. So we thought we’d research some tried and true methods to treat a condition that occurs every month for women.

Why is it that everything seems to start with your diet?

As with every aspect of our lives, diet and exercise play an essential role in our overall wellbeing. The healthier the diet and the more physically fit a woman is, the less cramps she may experience. So, what should you eat? A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is best to combat the monthly pain. Incorporating turmeric into your meals can also help. The traditionally Indian root extract has been found to soothe muscle spasms and alleviate pain associated with cramping.

Painkillers, maybe

You might think you should start taking meds to alleviate the pain symptoms, but following research, we beg to differ. It looks like planning ahead is key. Anti-inflammatory medication taken one to two days before bleeding starts can not only keep the pain away but, can decrease the amount of flow by up to 70 percent. If you know when your next period is coming, it’s best to start planning ahead of time.

Skip the tea…

Grab the fish oil and vitamin B instead. While a cup of chamomile tea might be soothing, it’s not doing anything for your period pain. Vitamin B and fish oil are highly recommended; some studies have shown that both can work to reduce inflammation and thereby reduce menstrual pain.

Heat it up!

Long live the heating pad! A favorite among athletes for sore muscles, the old-school tool also works for menstrual cramps. Applying heat relaxes the uterine muscle and by doing so relieves the restriction of blood flow that causes pain.

Meet acupuncture

Placing tiny needles in your body isn’t for everyone. I would probably prefer menstrual cramps too! But just so you know, acupuncture stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins in the central nervous system which allow for a sense of wellbeing.

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