Haifa Wehbe vs. May Hariri

Lebanese singers Haifa Wehbe and May Hariri seem to have started a feud, after May accused Haifa of faking her illness in order to promote herself during a live video stream on social media.

Although Hariri did not mention Wehbe by name, fans were immediately able to connect the dots, and assumed that she was talking about Wehbe, who recently was filmed leaving the hospital.

“The artists are faking their death nowadays, and after a few hours they are back to say ‘I have missed you’, And each time it is a new thing cancer, a liver condition …” said Hariri during the live video stream, allegedly hinting at Haifa Wehbe.

But Haifa is not one to not respond to such allegations, she released the text exchange the two had while she was in the hospital, which showed that May was “checking up” on her “friend”. The text exchange ended with the following text: “I called you back to thank you for 2 things, 1st for asking about me when I was sick, 2nd for being a big fat hypocrite.”

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